Tzedakah Box Project

Tzedakah is a Jewish commandment that asks that one give a portion of what they have to others who have less. The shape of these tzedakah boxes mirror those of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which has historically appropriated the value of tzedakah in service of Palestinian land theft and greenwashing apartheid. The JNF spreads their boxes worldwide, masking their violence through proclaiming that they are innocently raising money to plant trees on occupied land. 

This project intends to expose this contradiction as a catalyst toward helping us interrogate our own internal contradictions as Jews living in diaspora. In doing so, we can work toward reclaiming tzedakah and building a home that is grounded and just. 

Image Right: Appearing for the Month of Iyar in the Jewish Radical Calendar 5784” — or “Month of Iyar, Radical Jewish Calendar 5784

Garlic Eaters Tzedakah Box

Mourning Stones Tzedakah Box

Doikayt Tzedakah Box

Olam Haba Tzedakah Box

1-800-Make Aliyah Tzedakah Box

Shin Tzedakah Box

Pomegranate/Life Tzedakah Box

Tzedakah Box Postcards

"the homelands of the diaspora are the communities we build" - SH

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